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Experience The Frontline Pest Control Difference

Correct products, proper placement, and key timing are critical to achieve a successful pest-free home. Which is why we vary our pest control service according to weather conditions. We provide a more effective annual treatment for your home by treating the pests in season.

Web & Wasp Removal

Our service improves the aesthetics as well as leaves a residual dust in the eaves to help secure areas from future invasions

Power Dust

During winter months, this provides a residual barrier from pests as they emerge from temperature spikes and during the early months of spring

Power Spray

Power spraying during the summer months secures entry points and creates a protective residual barrier on the foundation of your home

Granular Bait

Increases in temperature can lead to an emergence of pests. Scavenging pests mistake this bait for food. Because it is a bait, it does not need to be applied to the entire yard

Granular Repellent

Granules not only treats general pests, but also treats for fleas and ticks. Summer happens to be the most active time of year for all pests, but especially fleas and ticks

Termite Monitoring

We install 4-8 termite monitoring stations around your home to detect unnoticed infestations. We regularly monitor these stations, and include the findings in your service report

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