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Brood X Cicadas: Everything You Need to Know

Nature has a way of surprising us. Natural sounds that are often pleasing can turn loud and obnoxious. The 17-year Cicada, Brood X Cicada, is predicted to emerge this year beginning in May. Literally billions of them will emerge in this phenomenon of nature nearly simultaneously looking for a mate. They don’t bite or sting. They are simply an annoyance. From the shell of their body left everywhere to the screeching of their mating call, these insects are a most definitely a nuisance.

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Common Types of Cockroaches

They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they love showing up at your home uninvited—and we aren’t talking about your in-laws. Cockroaches are hard-shelled insects that seem to find their way into the most difficult-to-reach areas of your home. These hide-and-seek masters are difficult to target and eliminate with common pesticides, making them very stubborn pests to get rid of. When you are searching for complete, effective cockroach control in Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding areas, give the experts at Frontline Pest Control a call.

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Guide to Ant Control

When you’re busy cooking in the kitchen and happen to notice little creepy ants marching along your sink or countertops, or you’re getting ready to shower after a long day and see a slew of ants exploring the inside of your tub, you just might have an ant problem in your home. Ants aren’t just unsightly pests—they can also be trouble for your pantry, too. You’re most likely to find ants in the kitchen, but they can find their way in through drains and windowsills as well.

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A Guide To Common House Spiders

There’s a good reason many people are afraid of spiders. They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they can be impossible to get rid of. Whether you find one spider in your home or are dealing with an infestation, there’s no reason you should have to share your space with pests. When you find yourself dealing with spiders or any other unwanted pests, the experts at Frontline Pest have you covered.

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