Brood X Cicadas: Everything You Need to Know

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Every 17 years, a swarm of cicadas emerges from the ground to create a natural phenomenon that’s both fascinating and awe-inspiring. This year, Brood X is set to make its appearance in the eastern and midwestern United States, with billions of cicadas emerging to make their mark on the environment. If you’re curious about these fascinating insects, here’s everything you need to know about Brood X cicadas.

What are Brood X Cicadas?

Brood X cicadas are a type of periodical cicada that emerge once every 17 years. They belong to a group of cicadas that are known as Magicicada, and they’re named for the fact that they emerge in mass numbers. When they do emerge, they come out in the billions, making it hard to miss their presence.

Where are Brood X Cicadas found?

Brood X cicadas are found in the eastern and midwestern United States. 

What do Brood X Cicadas look like?

Brood X cicadas are about an inch and a half long, with black bodies and wings that are tinted with orange. They also have bright red eyes and long, thin legs. Male cicadas have a distinctive call that sounds like a high-pitched drone.

What impact will Brood X Cicadas have on the environment?

Brood X cicadas are actually beneficial for the environment. They help to aerate the soil, which can be helpful for plants. Additionally, their emergence provides a source of food for animals like birds and small mammals. However, their emergence can also be a nuisance for homeowners. Cicadas can damage trees and other plants, and their loud mating calls can be annoying for those who live in areas where the cicadas emerge.

What should you do if Brood X Cicadas emerge in your area?

If Brood X cicadas emerge in your area, there’s not much you can do to stop them. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize their impact. Covering small trees and shrubs with netting can help to protect them from cicada damage.

The Brood X cicadas are an amazing natural phenomenon that only occurs once every 17 years. While they may be a nuisance to some, they are harmless to humans and pets and play an important role in their ecosystem. By understanding more about these fascinating insects, we can appreciate their beauty and unique characteristics. So, get ready to embrace the buzz and enjoy the Brood X cicada emergence!

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