Cicada Outbreak: Message to Our Customers

girl playing in mosquito free lawn

Nature has a way of surprising us. Natural sounds that are often pleasing can turn loud and obnoxious. The 17-year Cicada, Brood X Cicada, is predicted to emerge this year beginning in May. Literally billions of them will emerge in this phenomenon of nature nearly simultaneously looking for a mate. They don’t bite or sting. They are simply an annoyance. From the shell of their body left everywhere to the screeching of their mating call, these insects are a most definitely a nuisance.

The sound the Cicada makes is caused by special appendages on their body. Individually they are not too loud but multiply that by billions and the sound becomes a constant screeching noise that is as loud as a Harley Davidson motorcycle right outside your window. The sound is constant through day and night. Although not good flyers, they will readily take flight when disturbed. Loud noises seem to set them off as well.

These insects can damage plants and trees when depositing their eggs. They split open the bark of the tree to do so. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to prevent this. Insecticides will have little effect on these creatures as the amount of product necessary to intervene would pose a threat to the environment. Literally, there is nothing to do. They will be gone in a few short weeks.

Frontline certainly wants you to enjoy a pest free property. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do that makes a significant impact. Some helpful advice is to keep doors and windows shut tightly and make sure weather stripping is in sound condition (pun intended). Please be aware that since control is not possible, Frontline cannot guarantee this insect and cannot provide callbacks to treat for it.

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