Termite Control Services in Maryland and Virginia

Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. These wood-munching menaces are hard to detect and are not likely to go away on their own. If you’ve noticed signs of a termite infestation in your home, you need to call the experts at Frontline Pest. Offering pest solutions to homeowners throughout the D.C. area, we’ll help you identify the termite you’re dealing with and implement a treatment plan proven to keep termites out of your home for years to come.

Keep termites from dealing thousands of dollars in damage to your home and call Frontline Pest Control to schedule your treatment today!

What Are the Early Warning Signs of Termites?

Termites are notorious for their ability to go undetected, but they don’t invade without a trace. If you look carefully around your home, you might be able to spot a few yearly warning signs like jammed doors and windows, sagging walls or ceilings, and even bubbling or wet-looking paint on the wall. If you suspect you’re dealing with drywood termites, look out for light to dark brown pellets around your support beams or floor joists. That small pile may look like sawdust, but it’s actually excrement termites have pushed out of their makeshift nest to create more room for the colony.

Can I Do My Own Termite Control?

It may be tempting to try and deal with termites on your own, but the damage they can do while you’re trying less-than-effective at-home remedies can be pretty substantial. Evicting termites from your home is the last place you want to cut corners. Bottom line: Don’t try to do your own termite control. Call a professional instead. We have the knowledge to identify whether you have drywood or subterranean termites and the effective treatment methods to rid your home of the termites that have already invaded.

What Termite Treatments Does Frontline Pest Offer?

Rather than using a spray treatment chemical that isn’t totally effective in keeping termites out of your home, Frontline Pest Control uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology. Sentricon is a termite bait station that is installed on your lawn, like a stake, with the active ingredient inside the bait. This termite control method is scientifically proven to eliminate termites and continue working long after they’ve gone to prevent re-infestation. Once the Sentricon treatment has taken care of your termite problem, our friendly pest control team will monitor your property for new termite activity and replenish the bait if needed.

Is the Sentricon Termite Treatment Safe for My Family?

Of course! Since the treatment is in the ground and concentrated in the bait trap, there aren’t any chemicals that your children or pets can access. Plus, there’s minimal disturbance to your lawn, unlike liquid treatments that require pinholes to be drilled around your property in order to apply the treatment.

Schedule Your Termite Treatment With Frontline Pest Control Today

If you notice signs of termites around your home or your property is conducive to attracting termites, call the experts at Frontline Pest Control. Our trained pest control technicians will inspect your home for signs of termites, recommend preventive steps to keep termites away from your home, and schedule a time to apply the Sentricon treatment. Don’t let termites eat you out of house and home. Schedule your free consultation with Frontline Pest Control and get a scientifically proven solution to termites today!