Frontline Pest

A Pest Company That Focuses On People

Our Story

Frontline will provide the Highest Quality residential Pest Control by focusing on our customers and employees. We are a people-business first.

History Of Frontline Pest Control

In 2003 Darren Kirkham and Darren Wright set out to fulfill the American Dream when they started Frontline Pest. They were a two man show: knocking doors seeking new customers, servicing homes, and handling calls. In 2004, they brought on Regan Wright who had proven himself to be someone who could help grow the business. Jason Pickett joined the team in 2005 and they went on to build 8 offices across 3 different states.

In 2008, Frontline owners fell in love with the DC Metro Area. They realized they had found a market and people worth establishing a permanent presence. They sold the 8 offices in 3 states, and set up offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. Frontline has been servicing these markets for over a decade, and has added over 50 additional full-time employees. What began as a way to make money has become a business that focuses on people. This company strives to never sacrifice quality at the expense of growth. With a strong focus on people and quality, Frontline has become a premier provider of pest control services within its respective markets.

We love to talk about pest control. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

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