You are going to love our

Mosquito Control Service

Our Mosquito Control service was created in 2016 because we were asked over and over again to treat for mosquitoes. This is a powerful mosquito control service at a fair price.

Why You Need Mosquito Control

“Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world. Their ability to carry and spread disease to humans causes millions of deaths every year. In 2015 malaria alone caused 438 000 deaths… Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever are all transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. More than half of the world’s population live in areas where this mosquito species is present. Sustained mosquito control efforts are important to prevent outbreaks from these diseases.”

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes At The Source

We Break The Cycle

Frontline Pest is a high quality pest control company that has been servicing the DC Metro area for over a decade. We pride ourselves in our effective bug eliminating services and our ability to meet the needs of our customers.

What You Can Expect

– Personalized Service

– Friendly Technicians

– Timely Treatments

– Quality at the Right Price

– And Of Course… Results

Inspect Property

We start by inspecting your property for conditions that allow water to pool and become stagnant.

Apply Larvicide

We apply larvicides to the stagnant water to prevent mosquito larva from developing.

Service Report

We report any findings and recommendations that will help reduce the mosquitoes from prospering.

Residual Barrier

Apply a long-lasting residual barrier treatment to foliage and structures where mosquitoes will shelter and rest.

Want More Than Mosquito Service?

Check Out Our General Pest Control Package

It Eliminates And Prevents The Following Pests

  • Acrobat Ants
  • American Cockroaches
  • American Dog Ticks
  • Argentine Ants
  • Big Headed Ants
  • Black Widows
  • Brown Banded Cockroaches
  • Brown Dog Ticks
  • Brown Widows
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Cellar Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Clothes Moths
  • Drain Flies
  • Earwigs
  • False Black Widows
  • Field Crickets
  • Fire Ants
  • Firebrats
  • Fleas
  • Flour Beetles
  • Fruit Flies
  • German Roaches
  • Gnats
  • Grass Spiders
  • Harvester Ants
  • Hornets & Yellow Jackets
  • House Crickets
  • House Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Little Black Ants
  • Millipedes
  • Mud Daubers
  • Odorous House Ants
  • Orb Weavers
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • Pantry Moths
  • Paper Wasps
  • Pharaoh Ants
  • Pill/Sow Bugs
  • Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Smokey-Brown Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Thief Ants
  • Ticks
  • Wasps
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Yellow Sac Spiders